How it Works


Telepathic/Quantum Healing

Quantum Principles state that everything in the universe, including us, is connected to one another. This means that telepathic healings can be done in person or remotely (across the globe) because it transcends time and distance. I work with many layers and channels to heal the body by thought. Since thought travels faster than light I can do the healings in a shorter time span. 



"Rei" means universal and "Ki" means life force energy. Reiki healing involves using the hands and symbols to transfer the life force energy from my hands to your bodies (physical and non physical). I scan the body and remove negative blockages to enhance the energy flow through the chakras. Reiki healings is done in person or remotely as well. 


My Unique Method

In my sessions I combine Telepathic "thought" healing with Reiki "light" healing as I have the ability to perform both simultaneously. By using this hybrid method, the results can be amazingly positive in a short amount of time.